Ladies Make it a Sexy Summer, “GET WET!”

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Wet Life Apparel

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Wearing the Dry Quick Mermaid Stop starring T Shirt.


The Stop Starring and Get Wet T Shirts. Big Seller!
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Wet Life Apparel
Lady Tank Tops
The Mermaid Collection
It’s sexy and eye catching. Great to wear over your swimsuit.
Wet Life ‘s Pink Lady T Mermaid edition. Its sexy, feels good, dries fast and great to wear over your swimsuit.  Order now, all sizes available. Click the link below.

Lady T, Mermaid Edition


Only $43.00. Shipping included.

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Wet Life’s “BE SEXY” edition. One piece, all sizes available.

All colors avaiable




Wet Life Apparel
BAE WATCH Collection
Real Eye Catching.
Dries fast, Feels Good.



The Bae Watch Edition is the most popular this summer.

Only $50.00. Shipping included. Other colors available.

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Wet Life Pink Tank Top
The Wave Edition
If you see the wave catch it.

For only $35.00, the Pink T, Wave edition.  You can be the life of the Beach Party.

Dries quick, feels good and looks good.

Lady T, Wave Edition

Nothing says Sexy like a Pink two piece.
Wet Life
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As the sun sets, your swimsuit glows in the dark
Wet Life GLOW!
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Two piece multi-colored
turns heads.
Wet Life
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